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Image of Voice & Visual Intent - An Independent Study Course

Voice & Visual Intent - An Independent Study Course


Many photographers are drawn to the craft as a means to express their creativity and artistic vision, but are unsure as to what their photographic voice is, or how it comes across to viewers of their work. In this advanced course, you’ll spend time learning techniques to identify and manipulate photographic devices and compositional elements, and help you build confidence in yourself as an artist. You’ll come out of the course with a better understanding of how to strengthen the creative and emotional intent of your work through composition and self-understanding.

It’s highly recommended that you are able to shoot proficiently in manual and that you have a solid understanding of compositional techniques. This is an intermediate to advanced workshop meant for photographers who are ready to be pushed to think about their work in a new way.


You can purchase this independent study course at any time. You'll receive one 190 page PDF broken into four weeks, or sections, of materials. You can work through it all at once like an ebook, or use the sections to self-guide yourself through a slower, four week independent course. Please note that there is NOT a community space provided with this course, nor is there any instructor involvement. You are welcome to gather a group of friends and study the materials together, but you'll need to arrange that on your own.

If you'd like my support through your independent study, please purchase the option that comes with one on one mentoring.


You’ll learn how to manipulate the elements within a frame to enhance voice. We are going to discuss what “voice” and “vision” are, and go over 6 photographic devices that you can intentionally manipulate to strengthen communication.


You’ll learn how to make conscious photographic choices to enhance voice. We are going to discuss 6 photographic devices, plus exposure choices, that you can manipulate through in-camera and shooting choices to support your voice.


You’ll gain an understanding of the forms of intent, and you’ll explore your own path as an artist. We’ll take a look at how you tend to naturally fall on the sides of intent. We are also going to have some soul searching discussions about your identity and the direction you want to go.


You’ll learn to make deliberate decisions to enhance your natural voice tendencies. We’ll discuss the process of expression, and how to say what it is you want to say. We’ll also lay the groundwork for a personal project you’ll complete on your own after the class ends.

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