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Online Mentoring


Online mentoring sessions are ideal for editing help, website reviews, portfolio reviews, generating business ideas, marketing plans, seeking advice on a photography project, or feedback and critique for getting into a peer reviewed program such as ClickPro.

If you are a also mentor or workshop instructor, I’m happy to act as a sounding board for anything I can help you with. It can be a lonely business – let me help it be a little less so.


Photographers looking for help solving a problem, getting feedback, setting business goals, creating plans, portfolio reviews, website reviews, looking for help with editing, etc. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you, bounce ideas off of, and generally be a supportive, honest voice.


An intense hour (or two) of as much information as we can cover. I’ll keep the small talk to a minimum so that we don’t waste a moment, and you’ll be seriously amazed at how much we can accomplish in such a short time.


I’ll send you a link to an online classroom (you don’t have to download anything!) and you just need to meet me there at the scheduled time.


My office hours are generally Monday – Thursday, 9am to 2pm (Arizona time). I do have limited flexibility outside of those hours, with international clients taking priority. Please contact me directly if needed.

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